Northeast Minneapolis

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Northeast Minneapolis

Is Northeast an up and coming neighborhood? Not anymore. Northeast has arrived. Packed with incredible restaurants, shops, and people from all walks of life, this is one of the most diverse, eclectic and interesting areas of Minneapolis. Not to mention it’s conveniently located just over the river from downtown. And the arts scene? Let’s just say Northeast is THE place for cruising galleries and live music venues. Rich with history and charm, with easy access to downtown and the U, Northeast is the perfect melding of the old with the new.



  • Columbia Park was originally a large shallow lake. It was slowly drained and by 1914-15 had completely disappeared becoming land used for the park.
  • Many industrial buildings in the Northeast neighborhood have been redeveloped into artist studios and galleries.
  • Audubon Park is named after American naturalist and ornithologist, John James Audubon.
  • Northeast Minneapolis is known as Minneapolis’ arts district.
  • Graco Inc.’s world headquarters are located in Northeast.



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