More Than A Facelift

Beautiful and sustainable now go hand-in-hand. The new windows and exterior improvements at THE PARK at one hundred enhance its appearance while vastly improving its energy efficiency. And with a solar garden on the rooftop, the carbon footprint is equivalent to planting more than two thousand trees.

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Improvements in St. Louis Park

At Home Apartments recently completed a dramatic upgrade to the former Park Ridge Apartments property in St. Louis Park. The beautiful new look also inspired a new name! Introducing: THE PARK at one hundred. The project began in 2018 with planning and preparation and was completed with the landscaping in 2019.

Along with windows and siding changes, a stronger entry canopy and charcoal shake shingles were added. Windows were replaced with Terratone Andersen® 100 Series single hung windows. They are a smart step up from vinyl and twice as strong. Residents will appreciate that they are energy efficient, innovative, and sustainable. We’ve enhanced the look of the existing brick by adding elements of EDCO Generations HD Copper siding. It has such a natural look in a durable and environmentally friendly material.

THE PARK is also home to a rooftop solar garden. We are leading the industry in Minnesota as the first multi-housing company to aggressively work toward positive solutions and change that will benefit the environment. The solar array on THE PARK was installed in August 2016 with the goal of producing 21,824 KW/hours of electricity. To date, the solar garden has saved 91,156.71 pounds of C02 emissions which is the equivalent of planting 2,296 trees. Learn more>>

This transformation has been a sight to behold. The new name, brand, and look is just what was needed to revitalize THE PARK at one hundred. We’re so grateful for our residents and appreciate their patience during the construction process. Welcome home!

The Park at one hundred

Expanding our Solar Impact

A new solar garden will be installed on the rooftop at The Reserve at Mendota Village in Mendota Heights. We’re showing you the progress and look forward to sharing the photos and video once completed.

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A New Solar Project Begins

With 25 solar installations completed, At Home Apartments is excited to introduce multi-housing solar energy to the city of Mendota Heights. The Reserve at Mendota Village is a new addition to the AHA family of properties. Built in 2018 and leased-up soon after, the rooftop is the ideal location for the newest solar project. The solar panel installation is underway now and will soon actively produce energy. View the preparations as we begin the construction on the solar array.


The rooftop solar array being installed at The Reserve at Mendota Village will produce 178,800 kilowatt hours of electricity each year for at least 30 years.  Because it requires 1 pound of coal to produce 1 kilowatt hour of electricity, it would take 178,800 pounds of coal each year to produce an equivalent amount of electricity.

Reserve at Mendota Heights solar

It’s not an apartment, it’s a lifestyle.

An apartment building hasn’t been built in the city of Mendota Heights for 20+ years. So, we wanted to do it right. Your active lifestyle will thrive at The Reserve at Mendota Village.

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L U X U R Y.  N A T U R A L L Y.

Mendota Heights is a historical city with beautiful parks, scenic bluffs, and breath-taking river views. It is the ideal location for 139 upscale apartment homes. The locale is a metropolitan suburb with small-town charm. The neighborhood offers everything you need within walking distance. The bonus is quick access to main highways that bring you into St. Paul and Minneapolis with ease.  The Reserve is in a vibrant neighborhood that has so much to offer already. Your active lifestyle will thrive. It really is everything you’re looking for near everything you’re hoping for.

Where Your Living Experience Is Paramount!
No expense was spared to create high-end apartment homes. At The Reserve luxury is the standard with amenities such as stainless steel appliances and refrigerators with French doors. Most homes include a full-sized clothes washer and dryer. The upscale kitchen features built-in microwave range hoods and islands where design allows. The 30 unique floor plans grant the best use of space with built-ins, walk-in clothes closets, and linen closets. Cultured marble window sills, Pale Oak painted walls, and roller shades enhance the upscale look and feel.

Simply gorgeous! The outdoor pool and courtyard invite fun, socializing, and relaxation. You’ll feel like you’re at a resort in a tropical paradise. You can even grill on the courtyard while you watch the game on the outdoor TV. Nothing is missing from this exceptional community.


I have been living with At Home Apartments nearly 5 years, and I would never choose another company. They are upfront, honest, and ensure the highest quality for respective price points. What I love most about At Home Apartments is the people they employ. Their leasing agents truly care about the residents long after their move-in date. At Home Apartments is committed to creating wonderful spaces for individuals to live their best life.   – Kate C.

Luxury Living in Mendota Heights

Urban Lifestyle. Suburban Beauty.

Imagine relaxing in a rooftop swimming pool after a long day at work. The sky is your only view. It’s possible! The new CV2 apartments in Eagan boast amenities unlike any suburban properties in the south metro.

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Ever wish you could have all the conveniences of living in a bustling suburb, the medley of delightful activities available in the city, and the option to get away from it all and relax… at home? This energizing combination is what the CV2 lifestyle is all about. It’s no surprise that new residents at CV2 often comment on how comfortable and fun their new home is. Residents share their amazing sunset pictures socially to display the advantages of living above it all at the CityVue tower. People who visit the properties are in awe of the beauty found inside and out.

The sense of community found at both buildings is a welcome change from typical apartment complexes. With multiple shared spaces people are drawn together for s’mores at the rooftop fire pit, grilling their favorite meats, and fireworks displays at close view. The management and maintenance teams are helpful and friendly as they join in the cheerful vibe felt throughout the neighborhood.

As the property management company, At Home Apartments is proud to help make a solar impact in Eagan. Atop the parking ramp located between CityVue Apartments and the new CV2 is one of the largest multi-housing solar arrays in Minnesota.


With my new short commute from work I look forward to the choices that await me at my CV2 home. To stay in or go out, to relax poolside or play shuffleboard, or enjoy a fitness-on-demand class with my new neighbors. It’s all right here! – Lee W.

The CityVue Lifestyle

A Solar Initiative Realized

What does making a difference mean? The multi-housing industry is ripe with opportunity to play an important role in reducing carbon emissions. We encourage the use of public transportation at all of our communities and use LED lighting in common areas. But, our solar thermal systems are making a bigger impact.

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Why Solar? Why Now?

At Home Apartments has always been an industry leader in energy efficiency and conservation. By year end 2016 At Home had completed 14 rooftop solar installations and has contracted for six more rooftop solar installations to be installed in 2017. Collectively these solar gardens are rated at 780 KW, and will produce 950,000 Kilowatt Hours of electricity each year. And we’ve only just begun our scheduled installations.

The benefits include:

  • 50,000 KW/hours of electricity – with a value of roughly $110,000.00 per year – is equivalent to burning 989,000 pounds of coal per year.
  • Elimination of 1,425,000 pounds of carbon dioxide that would be emitted into the atmosphere by burning coal.
  • Enough energy to power 71 homes for one year.
  • Energy equivalent to driving 1,600,000 miles per year.
  • Removing as much carbon from the atmosphere as 632 acres of forest.
Solar array

Solar at CityVue

On August 23, 2016 we participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first of our 14 solar panel installations. Partnering with Innovative Power Systems, we plunged head-first into the world of solar energy. Our president, Alan Spaulding…

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On August 23, 2016 we participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first of our 14 solar panel installations. Partnering with Innovative Power Systems, we plunged head-first into the world of solar energy. Our president, Alan Spaulding, was one of the speakers at the event and shared a little bit of the history behind the CityVue Apartments project.

“First I would like to give special thanks to Eric Pasi and all of the good people at Innovative Power Systems for delivering an awesome product on budget and ahead of schedule. Not only are they true professionals, but for twenty years they have dedicated their lives to improving planet earth by implementing solar energy – a truly worthy cause.

Next I would like to thank the City of Eagan for their continued support. At Home Apartments was founded in 1990, 26 years ago, with the purchase of an apartment building right here in Eagan. Today At Home Apartments owns 530 apartment units in Eagan, and we have enjoyed a positive relationship with the City for all 26 years. The apartment tower behind you, and the future home of 122 apartments in front of you (referring to the new CityVue South project scheduled for 2017-18) is one of the most forward thinking apartment projects ever developed in Minnesota. It does not include the expansive sprinklered lawns, the ocean of asphalt parking, detached garages, or huge floor plans that are actually required by code in many suburbs. In addition to the solar component here at CityVue, our project is environmentally friendly because:

  1. It has zero asphalt surface parking. All parking is either in the ramp or underground. Impervious surfaces are at an absolute minimum and all roof surfaces are white to reduce run-off and decrease the urban heat island effect.
  2. Rather than sending the tower behind you to the landfill as was intended, the City of Eagan lobbied for its’ re-purposing into housing.
  3. Dense housing here at CityVue on a couple of acres close to shopping, parks, public transportation and other public amenities allows nature to remain nature further out in the suburbs and beyond.
  4. Smaller floor plans in this development require less energy to heat and cool. More living space is utilized in the form of public spaces such as a rooftop deck and fitness center in the tower and the planned swimming and recreation area on the extension of the parking ramp. These smaller apartment units with larger public spaces foster a sense of community and they encourage an active lifestyle while reducing our carbon footprint.

I commend the City of Eagan staff, Mayor and City Council for their support of this development. Although it doesn’t fit into the current suburban building code box, it is light years ahead in terms of green development.

This solar array is an example of how companies and individuals can make meaningful contributions to preserve our planet and improve our communities. I challenge each of you to please join At Home Apartments in trying to lead a more responsible lifestyle at home and at work each day.”  – Alan Spaulding, President of At Home Apartments, LLC

Watch the solar panel installation...


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